Intercollegiate cultural Fest-ECLECTIC -2023

Sep 27, 2023

The NIHS Campus buzzed with enthusiasm and talent on September 27, 2023 as it hosted Eclectic 2023, an inter-college and inter-pre-university event featuring a diverse range of cultural, management and hospitality-related competitions. With participation from 3 Pre-university and 12 Degree colleges, Eclectic 2023 provided a platform for young minds to showcase their skills and creativity.

The cultural segment, management competitions & hospitality-related competitions at Eclectic 2023 were designed to test participants' strategic thinking, problem-solving abilities, teamwork, culinary creativity, service skills and event planning expertise. The event saw friendly competition, with each college vying for top honors. The winners and high achievers across various categories were recognized for their exceptional talents and efforts.

SDM College, Mangalore were the overall winners of the Degree college segment and Padua PU College, Mangalore won the Pre-university segment.