National Level Seminar on Visual Appetite

Nov 3, 2023

The National Level Seminar on "Visual Appetite", held on 3rd November 2023 was a comprehensive exploration into the aesthetic aspects of culinary arts. The seminar featured distinguished speakers and covered a range of topics related to presentation, plating mastery, culinary excellence, and the evolving connection between gastronomy and technology.

The first session on Art of Presentation was handled by Chef Thirugnanasambantham, Principal, WGSHA. The session delved into the intricate art of presentation, emphasizing the importance of visual appeal in culinary creations. Chef Thirugnanasambantham shared insights from his vast experience in the industry.

The second session was on Plating Mastery: Beyond Taste by Chef Nithish Damodhar, Asst. Professor, WGSHA. He explored the concept of plating mastery, going beyond the sensory experience of taste, to elevate the dining experience. The session showcased innovative techniques in food presentation. Chef Nihil Kumar G, Executive Chef of Vivanta, Mangalore was the resource person for the third Session 3 on Culinary Excellence on Display. The session provided a glimpse into the world of culinary excellence, with Chef Nihil Kumar sharing his experiences and expertise. Attendees gained valuable insights into achieving excellence in the culinary field. Session 4 on Plate to Pixels saw Aditya Prabhu and Sharan Shetty (Entrepreneurs) showcase the transition from traditional plate presentation to the digital realm, emphasizing the importance of adapting to contemporary trends. The session explored the fusion of culinary art and technology.

Chef Jomon Kuriakose, Executive Chef, The LaLit London, UK was the resource person for the Webinar on Importance of Plating in Hotels. The webinar emphasized the crucial role of plating in the hotel industry. Attendees learnt about current trends, industry standards and the impact of visual presentation on customer satisfaction. The seminar had participants from various hotel management colleges in and around Mangalore - Moti Mahal College of Hotel Management, Yenepoya Hotel Management College and Laxmi College of Hotel Management. The seminar provided a platform for networking and knowledge exchange.

The National Level Seminar on Visual Appetite offered a holistic perspective on the visual aspects of culinary arts. Participants gained valuable insights from seasoned professionals, and the event served as a platform for fostering connections and sharing knowledge within the hospitality industry. The success of this seminar encourages the continuation of such events to further enrich the culinary landscape.